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Hello!  My name is Rob Davies.  I’m an eCommerce consultant based in Seattle, USA.  During my tenure as a professional online retailer, I have sold and shipped over 3.5 million physical product orders via marketplaces like Amazon, ebay and my own business website (using Shopify).  These cross-border eCommerce b2c orders were shipped from my own warehouses located in the U.S., Europe & China. I never used an outside 3PL service to ship customer orders.  Only a small percentage (<1%) of orders were shipping using Amazon’s FBA services.   

On this great adventure, I learned to speak pretty good Chinese, a basic understanding and command of German and developed my high-school Spanish just a bit more. I created great friendships and had many amazing experiences.  

In 2003, I moved to China for 5 straight years (’03 to ’08).  During that time, I learned to how to source my own private-label product on the ground in China and sell it online from many different angles. 

As a nimble seller with high ambitions and a growing revenue stream, I decided to fulfill my dream of opening warehouses in a few countries and see how I could develop the markets in each locale.  Global & Local. The premise was to enjoying domestic shipping rates and quicker delivery times in each market. It worked.

The first location was actually China (’03), then the U.S. (’04), Germany, (’11),  France (’13) & Spain (’13) . The first years of my business was a unique time in that ebay was the marketplace leader and FBA for sellers had not even started.  The experience was full of trial and error, and plenty of growing pains. is where I will be sharing my experiences, insight and current information about all things eCommerce.  

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Rob Davies